Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dota Health Bar Viewer And Shortcut Key

Tired by pressing Alt to view HP all the time?? Always miss 1 hit dying hero? Hard to get last hit & denying creep? Dont worry, we have the solution.. Dota health bar viewer is the solution, you dont have to press Alt to view HP anymore, and easily to farming! This small piece software will turn on for you.. This software is from Pie.Cr3w..
To activate health bar press "`" button on your keayboard, and health bar always turn on during the game. You can turn on anytime you want.

The Inventory+ program also provide shortcut to activate the items in your inventory slots. You just need to press the Alt key and the slot key to activate the item in your slot, without clicking it or using the numpad.

Inventory A+ (press Alt & press hot key as shown below)

Inventory B+ (press Alt & press hot key as shown below)

Download dota healthbar viewer:
Website: Pie.Cr3w
Dota Inventory A+ [mirror]
Dota Inventory B+ [mirror]

[Note: Some antivirus consider Dota Inventory is a virus]

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